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This is it. Tomorrow is the big day… Poseidon and the Manifest Destiny’s first ever single will be released tomorrow to the public- and the spot to find it is HERE. Keep a close eye on your social media networks for PATMD’s song, “Mister, Please” which will be available sometime around noon tomorrow. It has been wonderful developing PATMD into the artist that they are and will become and we cannot thank you all enough for the support. Let’s get rockin’!

Studio, Photo shoots, and last tracking session!

With three days left before Poseidon and the Manifest Destiny’s global release of their new single, things have been busier than ever for the crew! Yesterday we finished tracking Tayloralex’s vocals in studio 510 and today we added a few more guitar takes and mixed the entire song. The tune sounds HUGE and we can’t wait to share it with all of our fans. In addition to our time in the studio, PATMD went on a little excursion to SOHO for their first official photo shoot. You can see some of our favorite pics from the shoot below on our tumblr page! At this point, Circle of Fourths wants to thank everyone for their support thus far and we look forward to paying you back with the music of PATMD. 

Crunch Time!

Poseidon and the Manifest Destiny hit the studio again today to finish up tracking vocals. Tayloralex KILLED the choruses and it looks like we will have plenty of goods to comp with. Later today we will be working on finishing up the bridge and tomorrow we will most likely be tracking vocals for it! With only a few days left before the song hits the world, Circle of Fourths is pumped about PATMD’s tune and cannot wait to share it with you all! Look for fresh new pictures of our time in the studio soon… 

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